ELEMENTS. Workshop & Exhibition

At Miami International Fine Arts (MIFA), from February 5 to 29, 2021, six Hispanoamerican Artists showcase their artworks. This exhibit constitutes the culmination of the second edition of the Seminar and Exhibition: “Practices and Processes of Contemporary Art,” organized by HISPAFEST in partnership with MIFA, during November 2020. The show brings together artworks of six artists who participated in the experience. Symbolism, subjectivity, environment, and identity are outstanding aspects in their respective inquiries, each of which unfolds in different media and artistic supports.

The curator of HISPAFEST, Felix Suazo, was responsible for assembling artists:

Marco Caridad

Ivan Mikolji

Salvador Llobet

Clara Ochoa

Silvia Parra

Carla Ruiz.

The opening reception will be on Friday, February 5, from 7 pm to 9 pm. The event’s entrance and the parking are complimentary. There will be a COVID-19 restriction in practice. If you would like to assist with this intimate reception, please call 786.602.8925 or 954.804.1752

MIFA | Address5900 NW 74th Ave, Miami, FL 33166 | Phone(305) 470.0009