Celebrating International Woman’s day 2023 a join iniciative of City of Doral and The Bright Foundation & Hispafest in the first art exhibition in the new Doral Cultural Arts Center curated by our founder director Nubia Abaji , The Woman’s History Through Art had an opening reception that received more than 300 people together with the Mayor of Doral, the first woman mayor, Christy Fraga, Council woman Maureen Porras, Vice Mayor Rafael Pineyros, councilman Oscar Puig, the Consul attached of Ecuador Leticia Baquerizo and Director of Cultural Institute of Mexico en Miami, Adriana Torres. all artists, the curator and the consuls received a certificate of recognition from the Mayor for their important role in this exhibition and in the world of art.

The sample collect the diversity of the proposals of the artists in technique and statement of the point of view of each one of the selected artists.

Artists Healing Goddesses exhibition

Adriana Torres
Alessandra Sequeira
Bibiana Martínez
Capucine Safir
Constanza Profeta
Danie Gomez- Ortigoza
Daniela Viotti
Ileana Rincón-Cañas
Jeanne Jaffe Marina Font
Michele Janata
Milixa Moron
Monica Czukerberg
Nahila Campos
Nina Surel
Rebecca Setareh Teresa Cabello
Valeria Montag

Curator Nubia Abaji